Hey everyone, let me introduce you to Tayla! She is a Senior at Cambridge-Isanti High School and another girl I have had the honor of knowing for many many years. I have been a Girl Scout co-leader with her mom since our girls were in kindergarten…that’s a loooong time! Dang, that makes me feel like I should feel old (but I’m too young at heart for that!) She is also a very busy young lady. Tayla has been in gymnastics for years until she swapped that out for joining the swim and dive team to flip around on a diving board instead. She also is on the robotics team and has traveled with them to the national competition in St. Louis, MO during her high school career.  While we were laughing and chatting during her shoot, she told me she plans to go to college to get into physical therapy.  That makes perfect sense to me since she has been in to see a few during her years in sports. I love how we all find our passion either by accident, or by being immersed in an environment that we choose or is chosen for us. I wish you the best of luck with this plan of yours my dear and I pray you love every minute of it!

Now bringing you to our senior session, I’ll give you a litte peek into our plan. Since Tayla is a country girl at heart we thought  the best plan for her senior session would be to keep it local…being that Cambridge and Isanti are pretty much in the heart of the country here in Minnesota. Also, since I have known her for years, I brought a couple of surprises with me for the session…a dozen colorful balloons and some bubble gum. For as long as I’ve known her she has loved to color and play games like she did when I first met her. So, I wanted to bring out that youthful side of her and have a little fun with a couple of props. I think she loved the idea and we definitely had fun with them. I really liked our contest to see who could blow the biggest bubble…(I think I won, but who’s keeping track, lol). I leave you with a few samples from our ultra fun session. Enjoy!


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