It’s the quiet ones that get me curious; what do you think about, what is going on behind those eyes of yours, what are you seeing and not saying?  That was the case with Bailey, she is absolutely stunning, yet quiet and has these eyes… oh her eyes… but it was what she said without saying a word with her eyes that captivated me.  Yes she wasn’t nearly as chatty as I am, but once we began shooting she started to come out of her shell a bit.  I love it when I see that happen.  It shows a trust, not only in me as a photographer but as a person.  You know that feeling, when someone starts to actually share with you and not just void filling chit chat.  I LOVE that moment, whether I am shooting or just meeting someone new for the first time.  So, in this magic moment I learned about how she wants to travel…oh my, my favorite subject!  She wants to see London, Paris, and Hawaii.  Well what do you know, so do I?!  As we are talking about this on this freaking cold day (46°F outside, we have been shooting for about 45 minutes and she is in a mini skirt and sandals); we walk past this travel agency.  I’m thinking what a great spot to take some photos, so I tell Bailey “Let’s go inside and ask permission to shoot some images here…and get you warm for a bit.”  The owner Tawnya, from Anchor Travel, greeted us warmly said absolutely we could shoot in front of her business.  She then asked us if we would like some hot chocolate to warm up and we were welcome to stay inside as long as we want.  I think she was an angel in disguise…perfect timing for hot chocolate, and she specializes in travel to England, Scotland, and Ireland.  I just love when things work out like that.  Plus it gave Bailey a chance to thaw out.

It’s in these moments that create a special session.  Now we have a story and it’s unique to us.  We spent the rest of the evening talking about her love of soccer, and how she just recently injured her knee; her love of movies and how a perfect night with friends is staying in and binge on Netflix with popcorn and candy.  Who doesn’t love that!!  She also has a soft spot for animals and one in particular, her dog Adora who she takes for walks at the last destination of our session.  We pretty much had a perfect session apart from the cold, but it is Minnesota, and it could have been worse… it could have been snowing.


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