About Me


My name is Angie Sweeney, and I am the photographer of VentureLuxe Photography. My love of adventure and my heart for teens has brought me to rebrand my business and shoot what I love – High School Seniors, with a mix of travel photography on the side, to keep me fueled, creative and loving my “job”. It may seem an unlikely mix, but I see the Seniors that I photograph, and the places I get to capture, both as stories that I get to tell…with my camera.

I have a fabulous husband who shares the same passion as I do for travel and meeting new people and hearing their stories.  So, every day is is an adventure and I try to live each one to the fullest. I have 3 girls and a stepson who are all, or soon to be in their teens. So life is busy, but I love it that way. I think I thrive on the energy of young people and that makes for a fun life. I love chocolate, coffee, good wine, movies and singing at the top of my lungs with the radio cranked. My husband and I just got scuba certified in Belize, and I hope to see more of the world and check off a few more bucket lists along the way.

That being said, I can’t wait to hear YOUR story and get the chance to tell it.

Contact me @ 763-360-0721 or