It is my pleasure to introduce another beautiful young lady to you as well as another Abby.  I think that makes 3 Abby’s I have shot senior pictures for this year alone.  So, me and my curiosity had to look up the meaning of the name Abby or Abigail and found that it means “father’s joy” or “gives joy”.  Sounds about right, since every Abby I photographed this year brought such joy to each and every session; and this Abby was no exception to the rule.  While Abby was a bit quiet at the beginning of our session, she most certainly opened up as we got going.  I found out a lot about her love for movies and Anime, as well as her plans to go to the University of Minnesota at Duluth next year.  Although she would really like to apply to an ivy league college just to be able to turn them down…lol.  Yes, she is a smarty pants with a great sense of humor as well.  She is currently attending Anoka-Ramsey Community College as a PSEO student and is doing fantastic with all of the college courses already, so next year should be a breeze for her.  I should mention that she does have one class at Cambridge-Isanti High School and that is band…I think that it feeds her inner artist.  Speaking of which, that artistic side of her gave me a little bit of a challenge for this photo shoot .  She wanted to have it themed around one of her interests – steampunk!  I thought, “Oh my goodness how fun!”, at first.  Then as I thought more about it I thought to myself, “How the heck do I pull this off and make it look cool for her and timeless for years to come for mom and dad too?”  Well, I had to do a bit of scouting around town to find what I had envisioned in my mind for her, and guess what…I FOUND A NEW FAVE LOCATION!!!  Oh my goodness, I get all excited just thinking of my new gem.  I’m not going to tell you exactly where it is, but I must say that I have a new found love for St. Paul!  Thank you Miss Abby for stretching me and allowing me to enjoy the heck out of our time together.  You truly were a joy to photograph as well as spend time together with!!blog_post_1blog_post_2blog_post_3blog_post_4blog_post_5blog_post_6

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