It is once again my honor to show off another beauty.  This stunning young lady is Abby and I have actually known her her whole life, as in I was at the hospital to greet her the day she was born, and my daughter was born two days later…OMG I am feeling so old now.  How can it be that the kids I remember running around through corn mazes and jumping and splashing in the lake in the summer are about to embark on a fantastic journey soon and graduate from High School.  Not possible!!! At least that is what I keep telling myself. Ok, enough of embarrassing her, now I get to tell you all about what a fantastic woman she has become.  As we were talking about her future plans she had mentioned that she is looking into going to Bethel University for early childhood education, and I think that would suit her perfectly.  Kids just adore her and are just drawn to her sweet spirit and fun personality.  The world needs more people like Abby to have a heart for those little kids who are going to be the ones to shape our future.  I am proud of you my dear. Did I mention that she is also one of Anoka’s Ambassadors and her Senior project is a 5K run/walk for suicide awareness that is happening on November 12th.  How awesome is that!

Ok so, just letting you know a bit about our shoot inspiration, I had Abby show me some photos that she adored and that inspired her.  Well… to say the least, her selection was very broad.  She loved it all, the cityscapes, the water images, the soft open fields and the forest. LOL. I love that about her, because i love it all too.  In order to accommodate her wishes the best place I could think to go would be to Minneapolis, because of the variety that you get from that beautiful city.  We most certainly did get variety and a whole lot of gorgeous weather.  You could not have asked for a better day to shoot.  It was warm well past dusk and so we shot right into twilight, so she was able to get some super cute night shots as well.  How fun!  I had such a blast and even found some new little nooks for the next photoshoot.  That is the beauty of the city; there is always someplace new to discover!  Thanks Abby for a wonderful time and best of luck in all that you have going on.



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